Leather Watch Bands

Speidel's Leather Watch Bands are ultra comfortable, incredibly classy, and of extraordinary quality. Our classic leather watches combine 100% genuine leather with a polished stainless steel pin buckle that is easily exchanged for different colors to custom tailor the look of your watch and band to your personal style.

Stray from tradition and explore our collections of Lizard, Crocodile, and Alligator Leather Watch Bands. The Alligator Grain Watchband will complement, not overpower, your sleekest looks, while the Gator Lizard Grain watch bands are a distinguishing addition to any outfit. This versatile watch band is eye-catching and sure to stand out on your wrist. The Crocodile Grain Watch Band adds a durable, sporty feel to any timepiece.

Expand your collection of watch bands with any of these eye-catching styles. All of our leather watch band styles are perfect complements to any outfit or occasion.

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