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June 03, 2019 3 min read

As the annual celebration of fatherhood rapidly approaches, most children in the United States start asking what to get Dad for Father’s Day. Some will go with tech gifts for Dad, others will go for sentimental, while others still will go for practical. One item that can fit into any one of those categories is a great watch.

Speidel — which got its start in 1904, first as a jewelry maker and later adding a range of products including high-quality watches — has a range of Father’s Day gift options that can suit any style and please any dad. Separated into collections, Speidel is famous for its watchbands and watches, both of which can be engraved for a truly personalized gift.

The Men’s Metal Pilot Watch Collection

The Pilot Pocket Watch From Speidel, Classy Yellow-Faced Wristwatch

This collection features variations of a high-quality watch that will suit any father, whether they wear it into the weekday boardroom or weekend hobbies. It comes in three varieties: a solid black face and band, a solid silver face and band, and a two-tone option with a silver band and yellow face. The pieces feature oversized numerals, making it easy to read at a glance, and is even water resistant up to 50 meters, making it a great choice for fathers who enjoy water-based activities like boating or fishing. For anyone looking for the perfect simple watch that can become a father’s every-day timepiece, this collection is a perfect fit.

Love that classic metal look? Add some flare to your favorite timepiece with one of our metal watch bands.

The Pocket Watch Collection

Black Pocket Watch From Speidel, Simple And Elegant Pocket Watch

For fathers who want to stand out and appreciate unique pieces, our pocket watch collection has a wide range of excellent choices. Pocket watches are elegant timepieces that add an elegance and panache to any dad who chooses to carry one. Ranging from a sleek all-black option to one that features a silver casing and royal blue face, anyone looking for a unique gift for Dad will find a timepiece in this collection that suits their personality perfectly. Each watch in this collection also comes with a removable chain, so whether Dad already owns pocket watches or not, he’ll be able to immediately begin using his new favorite gift without fear of it getting lost along the way.

The Smart Watch Band Collection

Twist-O-Flex Expandable Watch Bands For Fitbits

Smart watches have become a popular gift over the past several years, and whether Dad already owns one, or one is going to be his primary gift this Father’s Day, consider replacing the standard band with something a bit more upscale. With options for two of the most popular smart watch brands — Apple and Fitbit — and their various sizes and models, Dad will find these choices to be far better quality, with far better finishes and fit than the standard — often plastic — options smart watches typically ship with. The right band allows Dad to have the best of both worlds — smart technology without sacrificing style.

The Complete Father’s Day Gift Guide


16-22mm Twist-O-Flex Watch Band, Great Gift For Dad

Still not sure what the perfect gift for dad might be? This guide combines all of the options from the previous three collections, plus adds additional products such as the ID tags and watches that can be engraved and personalized, as well as other accessories to round out Dad’s collection. For those not sure where to start, this is a great place to see it all in one place before beginning to narrow down the options.

No matter what type of dad the gift is for, there is something for everyone on this list. Dads work hard all year, and this is the one day set aside to celebrate not only the work the family sees, but the work they do behind the scenes to help make their family’s lives just a bit easier. Let Dad know he isn’t forgotten or overlooked with the perfect accessory that will remind him that he is valued and loved the other 364 days of the year.