Scrub Watch™

Well-loved by doctors, nurses, assistants, students, and beyond, the Scrub Watch™ was crafted specifically to fit the needs of medical professionals. It is the choice accessory for durability, comfort, and function. Between the Original Scrub Watch™, the Women's Scrub Petite Watch, the Scrub 30 Pulsometer, and the Scrub Glow Watch, Speidel makes a watch for everyone. The Original Scrub Watch™ is the classic, easy-to-read, and comfortable nurse watch.

The Speidel Scrub Watch™ for nurses and medical professionals is a practical yet stylish timepiece. Our nurse watches have unbeatable features, such as water resistance, easy to clean straps, optimal visibility, and unmatched accuracy. This top of the line watch technology makes the Scrub Watch™ a must-have for nurses and medical professionals.

With a durable silicone band and easy-to-read bright white dial, this watch will carry you throughout your busy day. Additionally, Speidel added a highly visible red second hand that makes taking accurate pulse readings a breeze. The Scrub Petite Watch has all the amazing benefits of the Original Scrub Watch™ custom-designed for smaller wrists. All of our nurse watches are sold in an array of colors and include replaceable bands. The Scrub 30 Pulsometer boasts technology crafted specifically for nurses, PCAs, doctors, and all other medical professionals.

This watch can help you easily take a pulse reading after thirty pulse beats without having to do the calculation, making your job infinitely easier. Finally, the Scrub Glow Watch was designed to light up at the push of a button. All of Speidel's nurse watches are water resistant, engravable, and made with your comfort and profession in mind.