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Most IDs and Watches can be engraved. Any item that can be engraved will have the option on the listing before you add it to your cart.


We have a high quality laser engraver that can personalize any of your items. Have a customer question on a product we don’t offer engraving on? Just email us @

How To Measure Your Watch Band

Be sure to measure the lug size (the area where the watchband fits in). As long as your lug size falls within the range of the millimeter size of the lug, it will fit. For example, if the lug is 18mm and the band is 16-22mm it would fit an 18mm lug.

A lug is where the watchband meets and attaches to the watch head.

A case is the metal housing of the watch mechanics.

The crown is the knob that allows you to adjust the settings, such as time and date, on your watch.

An adjustable end is spring loaded and can compress to fit a range of sizes, a fixed end will only fit a specific millimeter size.

A Straight End is a straight bar that would attached to the lug and the Curved End is curved. The main difference is aesthetics and how you would prefer to have the lug space filled.

The length of the band is the combination of the two lengths of leather combined.

Measure your wrist and then subtract the size of your watch face.

The lug size is the space where the band meets the watch head and our bands are in millimeter sizing.

How to Size Your Watch

We do not have a repair center. We would recommend contacting your local Speidel Authorized Jeweler. Here is a link to our store locator :

We do not have a repair center. However, here is a link to step by step instruction on how to create a custom size:

Twist -O-Flex

Watchband Length Adjustment

PLANNING THE ADJUSTMENT. You may start your adjustment anywhere near the center of the watchband. A small pair of tweezers or watchband replacement tool is needed. Decide how many links you wish to remove.

1. Expand the bottom of the band around your finger to expose the topshell tabs. Use a thin blade to straighten up all four tabs on Men’s watchbands. NOTE: Ladies’ watchbands have only two tabs.
2. When the tabs have been fully straightened, expand the band and the topshell will fall out. Save the topshell for step 11.
3. To shorten the bracelet, remove an additional topshell according to your plan. Bend down the bottom box and flaps diagonally below the two exposed links.
4. When the end bands have been bent fully flat, slide one side of the band up and one side of the band down to separate the bracelet.
5. The watchband is now in three sections. You can save the extra links for future spare parts. The other sections are now ready for reassembly.
6. The staple part can best be held for insertion with a small tweezer (or pliers) across the heel. The springs must be enclosed within the “U” shape of the staple.
7. Remove loose front staple within the link. Slide the separated sections back together. The rear staple may interfere unless it is moved away from the adjacent link with your thumbnail.
8. Replace the staple removed in step 7. The upper leg of the staple must be inserted above the spring on the top box and the lower leg goes under the spring in the bottom box.
9. Bend up the bottom box and flap.
10. Topshell tabs and sidewall may have been distorted during remove. This distortion can detract from the appearance of the band. Use smooth flat-jawed pliers to restore flatness. Topshell will assemble more easily and look better. 11. Restraighten tabs on loose topshell that you saved from 2. Position topshell lightly on exposed top box.
12. Expand the band around your finger. Topshell will then seat completely on top box. Bend down tabs with thin blade to lock topshell in position.

All of our leather bands, unless otherwise specified, will taper by 2mm at the buckle.

18mm fits Scrub watch 
14mm fits Petite Scrub Watch

We would recommend taking your band to your local Speidel Jeweler, you can find the closest one to you using our store locator:

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General Product Questions

Plated Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Our records go back to 2012, for pieces older than that we would recommend contacting a Jewelry Appraiser.

We can. It would require a minimum order of 1,000 pcs. Please send your specifications to and our customer service team will be happy to help you design your band.

 This is all personal preference. We have customers that choose the Black band to add contrast to the different color metals, or to compliment the Space Grey. The Silver finish is more matte, and the Brushed has a brushed finish stainless steel to increase the durability in wear.

The plating to create the different finished is why there is a difference in the cost. To create the black and silver finishes to be the most durable and to hold up to everyday wear we have Ionic Plated them.

When you pull out the crown (the knob) you should be able to feel two clicks. Turning the crown after the first click will allow you to set the date, and at the second click will change the time. When you push the crown back in, the time will start ticking for you.

 As with all UV paint, the hands do require to be charged with sunlight. We recommend exposing your watch to direct sunlight to activate the glow in the dark feature.

Here is a link to our online catalog:

Our Scrub Glow and Scrub Petite are Waterproof.

Yes, all of our watches have a sweeping second hand.

No, you do not need special tools.

Yes, here is a link:

Questions About Your Order

Please call us at 1-800-441-2200 and our customer service team will be happy to send you a copy.

Please call or email our customer service team and they will be happy to help you with your options. 1-800-441-2200 or

Here is a link to our return policy:

We offer a year warranty on all of our items and two years on our watches.

Please contact our customer service team at with your order number and our customer service team would be happy to look into options to help.