It’s easy to sign up to become a Speidel retail dealer and represent the Speidel brand. Dealerships are available in North America only, and you can begin the sign-up process by clicking on this link to the Dealer Application.

We have an extensive retailer network to help you find the exact Speidel product you want, just consult the Retailer Locator to find the retailer nearest you.

Any Speidel retailer can special order the product you want for you. You can consult the Retailer Locator to find a local retailer who can help you identify the product you want and special order it if necessary. Can you send me a full Speidel catalog containing all or some of the Speidel line?

Our catalogs are developed exclusively for the use of our Retail resellers. Please visit one using the Retailer Locator to identify the one nearest you


Speidel bands contain no user serviceable parts and it is recommended that all adjustments be performed by a trained watch technician. Attempting to adjust the product by yourself may void the manufacturer's warranty. If you are still intent on attempting to adjust your band yourself, you should use the sizing guide below to find a band similar to yours and then carefully follow the step by step instructions.

PVD stands for Physical Vapor Disposition and is a process utilizing a high current, low voltage electric arc to apply elements to a product in a vacuum chamber. This helps produce a "gold" color with or without actual gold content in the watchband.

No. Unless you are sure your leather strap is Waterproof, do not immerse it in water, wear it in a shower or pool, or wear it on a moist wrist. Water Resistant means your strap is repellent against splashes of rain or water due to a rembording manufacturing process and special leathers used. The strap will not lose its shape, form, color or softness if it becomes wet; however, this is not synonymous with Waterproof.

Anti-Allergic means the leather skin was tanned with vegetable oil and not chromium. Chemicals or dyes are not used in the coloration of the skins, and nickel is not used in the plating of the buckle.

Anti-Allergic is a term used to identify Speidel metal watchbands that are nickel free. Usually these bands are made from Titanium which is known for its light weight, strength, and corrosion resistance.

Rembordé is a leather strap construction where the top skin is wrapped and sealed around the edge of the strap. Rembordé creates a strong moisture barrier and allows for a long-lasting wear. Most Speidel leather bands use this construction technique.


What watch movement is used in Speidel Wrist Watches?

All Speidel Wrist Watches are backed by a comprehensive two-year warranty. The North American warranty for Speidel Quartz Watches is against manufacturing defect only. All Speidel Quartz Watches are warranted for two years from date of original purchase against defects in materials and workmanship, under normal usage. This warranty does not extend to the battery or crystal, and any malfunction resulting from damage, misuse, tampering with, or opening of the watch, or any service performed by unauthorized dealers or other service organizations.

Many Speidel Wrist Watches are water resistant, but the watch markings should be checked to determine the level of water resistance.Water Resistant 3ATM (30M): Water resistant to casual contact with water such as hand washing, bathing or rain.Water Resistant 5ATM (50M): Water resistant for swimming, boating or water skiing.Water Resistant 10ATM (100M): Water resistant for snorkeling or skin diving.

With Speidel Water Resistant Wrist Watches, please take the following care precautions:Do not use while scuba diving.Do not pull out or adjust the crown while the watch is submerged or wet. The crown must be pushed in to ensure water resistance.After use in salt water, clean and rinse the watch with fresh water.To ensure water resistance, do not push any buttons under water or when the watch is wet.Have the watch checked by a watch service center every two years to ensure long-term water resistance.Occasionally the inner surface of the crystal may be temporarily blurred if the atmospheric temperature is lower than that inside the watch. This does not adversely affect the watch; however, if the blurring persists, please have your watch checked by a watch service center.

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