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SKU: 8890509ATC

Hollow Mariner Tie Chain



Dress to impress in the workplace and beyond. Looking the part makes all the difference and that means having the right accessories for your business or formal attire. Tie chains are a classic choice for functionality and fashion. Our Hollow Mariner Tie Chain features a unique chain that makes a subtle statement. It is a classic choice that goes with every suit and tie you own. For such a minoraccessory, it has a major impact on your professional style.

  • Functional fashion:
    Aside from looking sharp and sophisticated, a tie chain is used to keep your tie straight and in place while you go about your day. Having one means your tie won’t dangle while you lean over in a meeting.
  • Made with high-quality material:
    Our tie chains are created from high-quality materials for sturdiness, reliability, and appearance.
  • Relaxed, but secure:
    The chain is a subtle and relaxed way to hold your tie in place, but rest assured, it is secure.

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