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Additional Services

Automatic Movement 

Mechanical watch movements, meaning there is no battery running the watch, require a different level of attention and maintenance. Being these watches have hundreds of moving parts inside, they require lubrication to ensure optimum performance and minimal friction and wear on the movement 

Watchbands and Straps

With Speidel being known for being a replacement band company, we have a full line of replacement watch straps and bracelets. With that we have a selection of band parts, including clasps, links, end pieces, and buckles.

Battery Replacement 

A quartz watch, which uses a battery, does not require any service until the battery needs to be replaced. This is usually 2-3 years from the time it leaves the factory, not from when you buy it.

Crystal Replacement 

The front part of the watch is called a watch crystal which is usually made of glass or plastic. Overtime your watch crystal can be scratched, cracked or broken and need to be replaced. Most crystals are available to replace as original. We can help restore the full value and beauty of any watch for a fraction of the cost of a new timepiece.


An overhaul consists of completely taking apart the movement, then deep cleaning & re-oiling the watch.  It is suggested that this is done to your timepiece every 4-5 years to preserve your timepiece. In the last 10 years, several advancements in movements, assembly and lubrication have made the need for service even more infrequent. If you do not get your watch wet and it is continuing to keep good time, you can often go 1-3 years longer. 

Quartz Movement Replacement 

A "quartz replacement" consists of replacing your watch's existing mechanical/electric movement with a modern electronically regulated quartz movement. We strive to maintain the original appearance of the watch. In most cases our conversions will not alter the face, hands, lens or casing of the watch. The existing set stem will remain functional.


Allow us to restore your vintage watch, with the care and professional service any family heirloom deserves. 

Seal and Gaskets

For people who swim or regularly or get their watches wet, it is important to have the seals on your watch checked every year and the watch pressure tested as part of the service.

Stem and Crown

The crown of the watch is the "knob" on the side of the watch that is used to set the time. A stem is attached to the crown of the watch and goes into the movement. This allows the watch to be set. If you have a broken stem and crown, we try to replace it original parts to ensure the highest quality repair 

Tune Up

We recommend a tune-up service when your battery needs replacement to keep your watch and bracelet clean and preventative maintenance to keep your watch functioning well.