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Solar Watch Information

A solar watch uses light to recharge the battery cell, called a capacitor, in order to have the energy it needs to run. The capacitor can be recharged many times lasting as long as 10 years in some cases! This energy efficient mechanism does not need to be daunting. 


A solar watch does not entirely rely on the sun. The solar technology converts the heat specifically from light into electrical energy. Although the sun is always the best source of light for this purpose, a light bulb will have the same effect. The different types of light sources will simply mean that the recharging time varies. The watches proximity to a light source will also have an effect. 


Your watch will let you know it needs to be charged! As the drain on the capacitor reaches nearly empty the watch will switch to an indicator mode. In this mode the second hand will tick 2 times every 2 seconds.


Recharging your Solar watch is as simple as giving it some time in the sun, or resting it under a lamp periodically. It is designed to be sensitive enough to be continuously recharging while wearing it out, this just means giving it some air time in those cold winter months!