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Repair Services

Your quartz watch is more complex than you might think! Our repair process starts with a simple battery cell replacement; however, in some cases a more comprehensive repair is needed. To get your watch back on your wrist we offer four levels of basic service. (1) The battery cell usually lasts between 2 and 5 years, sometimes that’s all it needs! (2) Many watches are made to resist water at varying depths, in addition to replacing the cell we can give you the peace of mind that your watch still does by performing a pressure test to the appropriate depth. (3) Want to add a quick clean and shine, we can do that as well as a cell and water resistance test. (4) In some cases, the components that make a watch water resistant become worn or damaged. For the watch to pass its water resistance test these components will need to be replaced.

If your quartz watch needs more than just a battery? We run a full diagnostic on the movement to determine what is needed to make a repair. In most cases the movement itself is malfunctioning and will need to be replaced. Our watchmaker will examine the entirety of the watch and generate a detailed estimate of required work to be done.


Speidel is globally known as a replacement watch band company! We have a full line of replacement straps and bracelets. In addition, we have a selection of band parts, including clasps, links, end pieces, and buckles.

For people who swim regularly or get their watches wet, it is important to have the seals on your watch checked every year and the watch pressure tested as part of the service.

An overhaul consists of completely taking apart the watch. Each of the hundreds of components are examined for wear or damage. The movement is cleaned in a state-of-the-art ultrasonic cleaner then reassembled and lubricated to manufacturers specifications. Most manufacturers recommend routine service intervals of 5-7 years depending on complexity of the movement, frequency of wear and the quality of the components. The overhaul process attempts to return any timepiece to its original factory standards of appearance and timekeeping.

Your watch may only need minimal intervention to return it to your wrist. Some repairs can be done without an extensive overhaul. Small adjustments to the movement, cleaning of the case and bracelet, replacing a scratched or chipped crystal, refinishing the case and bracelet, performing a timing test or water resistance test and band or bracelet sizing are some examples of partial services. A watchmaker will examine the watch to determine if a partial service is the right choice.

Vintage or antique watches require a much different, more specialized approach to repair than the modern watch. We call this restoration because in many cases the manufacturer has ceased to supply parts, so they may have to be reproduced by the watchmaker. We work with a network of individuals who specialize in these repairs! Allow us to help you preserve history and restore a family heirloom. Depending on the type and extent of the repair we can direct you to right people.