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JoJo Loves You Children's Cushion

Provence Lavender Cushion
Pink Cushion
Clear Patina Cushion
Light Pink AB Cushion
Blizzard Cushion
Clear Cushion
Dark Purple Cushion
Emerald Cushion
Silk Cushion
Black Sparkle Cushion
Limitless Cushion
Light Pink Cushion
Sage Cushion
Ice AB Cushion
Sapphire Cushion
Cherry Cushion
Unicorn Cushion
Turquoise and Caicos Cushion
Hazel Cushion
Vintage Rose Cushion
Blue Cushion
Hocus Pocus Cushion
Heliotrope Cushion
Crystal AB Cushion
Bubblegum Beach Cushion
Tanzanite Cushion
Sunshine Cushion
Pink AB Cushion

JoJo Loves You Children's Cushion

These Children's Cushions will make you feel exquisite!

-.925 sterling silver setting and post
-6mm diameter crystal
-Manufactured and hand-set in Rhode Island
-Nickel Free
-Arrives packaged in a Signature Silver tin!

Crystal Color: Provence Lavender, Pink, Clear Patina, Light Pink AB, Blizzard, Clear, Dark Purple, Emerald, Silk, Black Sparkle, Limitless, Light Pink, Sage, Ice AB, Sapphire, Cherry, Unicorn, Turquoise & Caicos, Hazel, Vintage Rose, Blue, Hocus Pocus, Heliotrope, Crystal AB, Bubblegum Beach, Tanzanite, Sunshine, & Pink AB

* Please note that due to the specialty coating and variations in the crystals, the colors may be slightly different.

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