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June 06, 2019 2 min read

Sometimes, life has a way of sneaking up on you. If Father’s Day is one of those annual holidays that has you sitting up in the dead of night, realizing you still need to get something to honor the dads in your life, consider these last-minute gift ideas from Speidel.

1. A Touch Of Technological Elegance.

Expandable Replacement Watch Band For Apple Watch From Speidel

The world of watches has evolved as the technology industry has continued to shrink its components, making smart watches a popular new trend. Whether Dad already has one, or if his gift this year will include one, consider upgrading the band to something that is more comfortable, stylish, and practical.

For those looking for the best Apple Watch Bands, the Twist-O-Flex is an excellent choice, blending an expandable, sleek metal design with patented technology that offers both comfort and durability. The band comes in 38/40mm and 42/44mm sizes, as well as three color options and lengths to fit wrists that range from extra small to extra large.

Or, if Dad is a Fitbit fanboy, Speidel has the exact bands he needs for their most popular products, such as the Charge 2Alta/Alta HR and Blaze.

Replacement expandable watch band for Fit Bit

So no matter what platform dad prefers, there is a band to perfect complement and upgrade his technology.

2. A Great Pocket Watch

Stylish Gold-tone Pocket Watch From Speidel With Chain

There is something about a pocket watch that says the person carrying it has an element of sophistication and old-world charm. Pocket watches make for truly useful gifts for dad as well. These classic timepieces are the perfect way to complement your professional Dad’s dressy attire.

For those last-minute shoppers, Speidel offers a wide range of styles, colors and metals, with shipping options that will get the gift to the door in just a few days. Whether dad is the type to prefer a solid black monochrome look, a two-tone gold, or even a touch of royal blue, there is an option here to fit any style.

3. A Stylish Wristwatch

Pilot Watch From Speidel WIth Brown Leather Band And Yellow Dial

If pocket watches just don’t seem to be Dad’s thing, and he’s not really all that interested in a smart watch, consider simply upgrading his standard watch instead.

No matter what his style is, Speidel offers a great watch for everyone, from the Men’s Leather Pilot Watch collection with leather bands that come in black or brown to the Men’s Metal Pilot Watch Collection, featuring a solid silver, solid black, or two-tone gold and silver color choice. Each watch has its own distinct personality, and choosing the one that will speak to Dad’s personal fashion won’t be hard with so many different options.

And if all else fails, take a browse through the entire Father’s Day Collection. With a wide range of watches, bracelets, and accessories, coming up with last-minute Father’s Day gift ideas doesn’t have to be so hard after all.